No idea, product, or organization can achieve its potential without inter-disciplinary collaboration.  However, although most colleges are seeking to innovate, they struggle reaching out to students in other colleges.  For that reason we created the Innovation Academy.

Our mission is to bridge across all colleges at BYU and the business community and create a collaborative environment where students not only learn how to innovate, but actually work along other studentsfaculty, and businesses and in finding solutions to real-world problems and gain experience through hands-on projects and workshops.


Innovation Academy’s Structure

The Innovation Academy is organized in a way that accommodates for the students’ skills and time availability.

    • Skill Building Workshops. Students learn the basic skills of innovation as taught through various disciplines and professions.  Weekly workshops are modular,  mutually exclusive, and independent — so if you miss one you can still learn the skills in a different workshop.  Low time commitment: usually 3-4 large workshops each semester. 


    • Innovation Academy Core Membership. Students work in inter-disciplinary teams in developing innovative ideas with a special emphasis on entrepreneurship. Students will have the opportunity to access exclusive material on innovation, network with business leaders, and receive limited funding for their projects. Time commitment: 1 hour per week plus additional time spent on project of your choice. 


    • Student Mentors. Students will be able to participate of the Innovation Academy as leaders and officers, while mentoring students and leading the teams working on innovative ideas in the IA Core.  Generally, these student mentors will be outstanding individuals that have participated in the IA Core.