Core Membership Applications

Innovation Academy Core Membership! 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Innovation Academy as a Core member for the winter semester of 2013. The IA Core is an involved group of 50 BYU students that are committed to developing their skills in innovation and entrepreneurship to change the world around them. Please use this link to access the application: IA Core Membership Application. Below you will find some more information regarding opportunities and benefits of being accepted as a IA Core member. If you have other questions that are not answered below, please reach out to us at


How long has the Innovation Academy been at BYU? I have not heard of it before, but I wish I had! The Innovation Academy is relatively new at BYU, having been founded in February of 2012. The Innovation Academy began hosting very large workshops for students and alumni and gained faculty support very quickly. The first group of Core members were admitted during Fall 2012.

Is the Innovation Academy a club? No. Officially, the Innovation Academy is a student-run initiative that is sponsored by the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

What is the Innovation Academy trying to do? What is the purpose of the IA? There are many creative groups on campus, but these groups tend to be isolated within the various colleges on campus. The Innovation Academy is actively trying to bridge the gap between the students in various colleges by actively recruiting students of diverse majors that want to gain experience in interdisciplinary innovation and learn how to see their innovations come to life through entrepreneurship.

How does the Innovation Academy Core membership fit into the Innovation Academy as a whole? The Core membership is a smaller group of students that really want to become more involved in developing their innovative abilities. We will be able to provide limited funding as described below, as well as unique mentor opportunities to help further your ideas and projects. The best part is that you will be able to meet and work with many other individuals at BYU who have the same passion for developing true innovation as you do!

What would I gain from being a Core member that would be different from attending the IA’s large workshops? We love holding large workshops for students and alumni, but we also wanted to provide a more hands-on experience for a smaller group of students at BYU. The Core group of IA members fills this void. With only 50 members admitted each semester, you will surround yourself with a group of students who have similar ambitions to work on great projects that change the world around them through entrepreneurship. Also, you will be eligible to receive up to $400 / project towards developing your idea. This $400 is meant to help validate your idea enough to take it to the next level (whatever that may be). Additionally, The Innovation Academy has a phenomenal network with entrepreneurs, faculty, and the greater innovation community. We have arranged for there to be mentoring opportunities for your project with both entrepreneurs and innovation professionals.

Do I need to have a great idea to be in the IA Core membership? Not at all. Some members of the Core group will come with ideas that they have already been developing, but many will not. We are looking for members from both of these categories. Everybody brings unique skill-sets and talents even if they do not realize it at first.

If I am a Core member this semester, will I automatically be a member during the rest of my time at BYU? The goal of the IA Core will be to help you develop your innovative skills and gain experience in turning those ideas into something real. Some members will choose to continue to participate in the Innovation Academy, while others will take their innovative skills elsewhere on campus and into their particular career. Due to capacity constraints, all members will be asked to reapply each semester if they are interested in continuing with the Innovation Academy.

What would be the time commitment be if I were a Core member? I am a busy person. We understand how school gets and we know that you have probably been successful due to your busy schedule. The Core group will meet almost every week of the semester on Wednesday evenings for a 1 hour time frame. The time spent at these events will be around 3-4 hours / month. Most of the time that you spend on Core membership related projects will be outside of our workshops on whatever innovative project you choose to work on. You will ultimately be responsible for managing your time outside of your workshops, but we have found that the most successful individuals will dedicate 3-5 hours each week outside of the workshop developing their ideas and building their projects. Remember, our goal is to help you launch your idea into the real world, and that will definitely take more than the hour you spend each week at the Innovation Academy Core membership events.


Apply Now!

Please use this link to access the application: IA Core Membership Application. The applications are due by midnight (11:59 pm) on Friday, January 18th. Please follow the directions at the bottom of the application for submitting the application either through email, or to the Rollins Center (The Rollins Center closes @ 5 pm on Friday, but email applications will still be accepted until midnight). We are excited to hear from you, and please reach out to us if you have any further questions!We are looking forward to a great winter semester! (